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Rushey Green Time Bank
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Posted by: petewebb, on 07/02/2016, in category "General news & articles"
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Summary: News about the Rushey Green Time Bank and how to join.

I have recently joined the Rushey Green Time Bank, which is a community based project in the borough of Lewisham. The Time Bank is a fantastic idea and promotes co-operation and community bonding.

Every member's time has equal value and I have spent hours aiding people with computer problems and received hours of friendship and companionship in return. Although the Time Bank primarily works on a system of task swapping, there are a lot of categories to consider. Arts and crafts, office skills, help in the home and transport are just a few of them. Befriending isolated people and companionship for the lonely are just two of the side effects from my IT support provision.

Everyone has something they enjoy doing and can offer and there are tasks that you may find easy but other people struggle with. In the spirit of co-operation I've started to help and get to know my neighbours, I feel that I'm part of a community and making a contribution as well as friends.

There is an Hourworld App that you can use to record your hours or you can visit the website. After contributing 20 hours, you become eligible for the Lewisham Local Community Contributor Card. The card offers varying discounts at businesses across the borough and more are being signed up every day.
Organisations and community groups can also be members of the Time Bank. They can use Time Banks to trade skills, expertise, and additional hours of volunteer help when needed. Local authorities have used time credits to pay people to design and deliver local services. The Time Bank system is very flexible. People "in credit" can (if they would like to) donate their Time "money" to a friend, relative, neighbour - or to the Time Bank where it can then be given to someone who might need it. I think the Time Bank has massive potential and encourage everyone to join in and build your community.

Peter Webb

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