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Interview with the Website sub-committee
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Posted by: petewebb, on 10/05/2013, in category "General news & articles"
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Summary: A brief Q&A with members of the website sub

At a meeting of the Website Sub Committee, preparations were being made in advance of a presentation to, and consultation with, the Coop. An impromptu quizzing of the committee was made, regarding the long awaited update to the Coop website, questioning went like this:

Rex asked: What's the main point or benefit of the Coop website?

Harp Dog answered: The ability to share information

Rex enquired: So- how does the website help the Coop?

Harp Dog replied: The website makes for a healthier Coop

Rex followed on: Is there an example of how the website can make the Coop healthier?

Harp Dog responded: Rather than waiting for a Coop meeting for discussion, conversations can happen online

Rex turned to another Sub Committee member: Are there any potential threats from having a site?

Big Dog: If anything, Potentially, it could, be possible to post anything

Harp Dog Elaborates: The Administrator can "ok" posts though. And the Administrator gets an email with each post, so this alert with the ability to check posts provides a level of security, particularly as the Administrator can check out new posts first

Big Dog: Yes, to confirm, once articles are submitted-they will be checked before the article becomes visible

Rex queried a further Sub committee member: Is there further potential for the site?

Housed Wolf explained: The website can attract new members. People can look at the Coop website, to find out more about the Coop.

At the moment, prospective Coop applicants need to talk to the Coop worker or existing Coop members, so the site can be an objective source of information

Rex quizzed: Might this create 2 different information sources, The website, as well as the Coop Office?

Harp Dog: A good point, the domain name was mentioned at the last meeting. People have been contacting the Coop website, having taken it that this will go to the Coop worker. So it can be said that a type of split already exists

Harp Dog Continued: Forwarding email addresses would work around this dual system, or maybe the Coop name might be considered to work in line with the Coop worker's domain

Harp Dog added: Relating this point to accessibility-A Newsletter would at this stage be sent to all that have signed up to the website. Later we can review who the Newsletter goes to-and we can send paper copies too. We can also organize full IT training for Coop members as well as advice on where to access the internet for Coop member that are not online.

Housed Wolf noted: Some things may be potentially problematic initially. However, A website user might be given an opportunity to choose, what is sent. The user might select to receive a Chisel Newsletter, but not Hexagon advisory messages, so may unsubscribe to some messages.

Housed Wolf also made the point of frequency of messages, (for example a Coop Newsletter might be sent every 3 months, rather than put people off by monthly updates).

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