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Frequently Asked Questions
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Posted by: petewebb, on 08/05/2013, in category "Questions & Answers"
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1. How do I join the Co-op

Please visit our membership page for details on joining the Co-op

2. How long is the waiting list

Voids (empty spaces in the Co-op) are difficult to predict and there is already a lengthy waiting list. Unfortunately this means it is impossible to predict how long one would have to wait before a void became available.

3. How much are the rents

Rents vary from property to property. As managing agents for various housing associations and co-ops, we don’t set rents. However, all our housing is social housing so the rents are affordable.

4. What is the service charge for

If you pay a service charge, this is for the maintenance of communal lighting, the intercom system (if you have one) and payment of communal electricity.

5. Will I get my own flat

All new members are initially housed in shared housing when voids become available. Allocations for shared houses are not done from the office. Prospective candidates are interviewed by the household and the void is filled by the new member the household likes. Voids in one or two bedroom flats are filled by members wishing to move on from shared housing and are allocated via the existing points system.

6. Can I sub-let

You do not have the right to sub-let your home. However, the policy on authorized absence is currently under review.

7. What sort of tenancy do I have

All of our tenancies are currently Assured tenancies, Hexagon Housing will be introducing Starter Tenancies for new members in the near future. For more information, please read the article on Starter Tenancies in the Article Section of this website.


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