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Three boroughs are NOT currently taking applications for membership as our waiting list for shared housing is full.

Three boroughs are currently taking application for membership as our waiting list for shared housing has reopened. Please note that to be eligible to join, you must be over 18 and resident in the UK. New members are only offered single rooms in shared housing and these are unsuitable for children or couples. We also operate a no pets policy. Applicants will be asked to attend an interview and (if successful) an induction.

Application forms for membership of the Housing Co-operative can be obtained by enclosing a stamped addressed envelope with your request and sending it to the Co-operatives offices - ThreeBoroughs, The Albany. Douglas Way. Deptford. London SE8 4AG

The application form will be returned to you for completion. On receipt of your completed form, applicants who are deemed suitable will be asked to attend a meeting with the New Members sub-committee.

Applicants will be interviewed and a decision as to whether the candidate is eligible to become a member will be made. If successful, the applicant will be added to the 'New Members list'. This decision will be communicated to the candidate as soon as possible.

It should be emphasized that the success of a candidate is determined by their understanding of and commitment to the Co-operative. This is normally achieved through participation in the various Sub Committees, which facilitate the maintenance of the Co-operative.

It should also be noted that Members have to attend a number of general meetings annually.